Publications Committee
The Publications Committee prepares and publishes Journals, Bulletins and position papers. . These publications highlight the work of the National Association of University Women. ” The position paper addresses a relevant topic in education and expresses the Association’s position on the topic.

Membership Committee
The mission of the Membership Committee is to develop membership goals and to empower our members to become productive, members of the National Association of University Women in this ever-changing technological society. We continue to promote diversity in membership from all professions and the educational community by providing innovative strategies and incentives which will lead to membership increase. Each branch is encouraged to embrace a systematic approach to membership growth.

Program Committee
The Program Committee works closely with branches in implementing and promoting National’s four-point focus in Education, Scholarship, Literacy and National/International Afffairs. NAUW branches will offer educational activities on the health initiatve for HIV/AIDS; continue to offer activities to encourage reading for all ages; tutor students to pass standardized tests; work closely with youth to develop leadership skills; and to offer projects specifically for girls to engender an interest in math and science.

Fellowship Committee
The Fellowship Committee handles the process of soliciting qualified doctoral candidates annually to apply for the Association’s fellowship. The Committee reviews the applications and recommends their choices to the Executive Committee for approval.

Publicity Committee
The Publicity Committee keeps the public aware of the work of the National Association of University Women through news releases and articles in magazines.

Literacy Committee
The Literacy Committee recommends projects and methods to improve reading of children and adults. The Committee further collaborates with the National Council of Negro Women in sponsoring training for the Association’s members to work towards closing the achievement gap of African-American children.

Health Committee
The Health Committee addresses health issues that impact communities. Through program activities of this committee, branches are enabled to educate the community for the purpose of facilitating disease prevention and total health. The current programmatic focus is on HIV/AIDS.

National and International Committee
This Committee studies national and international issues, recommends projects for improving conditions of the local community and provides guidelines for action on international issues.